In this post, I will be recommending three education-oriented blogs that I believe are worth following.

Larry Ferlazzo

Larry is a high school teacher located in Sacramento, California. His blog contains a wealth of resources which span of range of topics such as classroom management, parent engagement, and strategies for teaching English Language learners. What I enjoy most about Larry’s blog is the way he curates his content – his use of “Best of..” and “Favourite” lists, post tags, and various multimedia makes it extremely easy to find and read through selections of his work.

One post of Larry’s I have found quite useful is “Web 2.0/Social Media Tools.” It provides an overview of several platforms and ways to use them.

You can subscribe to his blog here, or to his monthly newsletter here. Larry can also be found on Twitter @Larryferlazzo, where he posts additional resources for teachers.

Holly Clark

Holly is an educator and author of the “Infused Classroom” series of books. Her blog focuses on all things technology in the classroom. She covers information relating to Chromebooks, Google, Microsoft EDU, and blended learning. Here you can find useful guides and practical ideas about popular tools such as Jamboard and Wakelet as well as resources on formative assessment, inclusion, groupwork and much more.

My favorite section of Holly’s blog is “Student Examples” – in these posts, she breaks down how she uses a particular digital application to support and enhance student learning in her class. Her blog would be a great resource for any teacher hoping to dive a bit deeper into the world of educational technology.

Tan K Huynh

Tan’s blog Empowering ELLs provides a rich catalogue of resources for teaching English language learners. The site is organized into several broad topics to make content easier to find – visible literacy, teacher collaboration, technology and lesson design. I really appreciated the depth of Tan’s welcome/about me page. In clear and personable way, he explains the purpose of his site, suggestions for how to use his blog, as well as notes about his experience and credentials. I like how Tan frequently includes infographics in his posts and provides links to external resources, podcasts and videos. Additionally, his decision to refer back to his previous posts helps to reinforce his assertions and provide context for his work.

The section “Bathroom Briefs” offers accessible, compact graphics on language teaching strategies. You can download all 25 briefs here.