What is Tiktok?

Boasting over 500 million monthly users, Tiktok is a popular video-based social networking app where you can watch, create, and share content with others. The app offers an extensive soundtrack library and video editing features which support the designing of creative videos and messages of a variety of styles and topics. Lip-syncing, reacting and short dance routines are some of the common styles of video found on the app. You can also interact with other users through direct messaging as well as commenting, liking and forwarding posts.

Using Tiktok as a professional

As a future educator, I can see Tiktok being a useful tool as I grow into my professional role. It could be used with students in the classroom to increase engagement and collaboration. For example, students can create video responses for question prompts or assignments. I like the fact that videos must be between 15-60 seconds in length, which encourages students to work on keeping their ideas clear and concise.

Tiktok can also be used to expand my personal learning network and for gathering teaching ideas and resources shared by other educators. Videos could also be shown to complement in-class learning through visual explanations, topic summaries, or as a “launching pad” for a new inquiry.

The site Ditch That Textbook provides examples of creating Tiktok style learning experiences without actually using the app. This Tiktok inspired Google Slide template can be found here. I really like the idea of conducting a “digital gallery walk” where students walk around the class and view their peers’ work on each other’s devices.

On her blog Langwitches, Sylvia Tolisano explores how Tiktok is offering people new ways of communicating and new forms of reading and writing. Spending time on the app can give educators an inside look to how youth are expressing themselves online. They can then use this information to inform teaching and assessment practices to connect with student interests.

Tiktok & Expanding my PLN

Tiktok is a platform full of rich educational resources – but only if you know where to look!

In the search bar, you can find specific content and accounts using hashtags that relate to education. For example, #teach, #learn, #education, #school, #teacherlife, #classroom, #teachertok and #teachingonline are some of the popular hashtags to follow.

You can also use lists on websites such as EduBirdie to find recommended teaching accounts that explore a variety of subjects, share advice and lesson ideas, their own teaching experiences and more!