Hi Kylie,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on multimedia and interactive learning!

I really enjoyed reading about your personal experiences with interactive learning in the classroom. In particular, I thought that the “think, pair, share” technique you mentioned is a great strategy to use across all age levels. Your comment about its effectiveness for including the dialogue of all learners, including those who may feel shy about speaking up in front of the entire class or being called upon by the teacher, resonated well with me.

I agree with your assessment of Rich’s son’s engagement as an interactive and multimedia learning experience. I also appreciated how you expanded upon your explanation by providing details surrounding the mechanics of the game and what types of concepts could be explored by playing it (e.g world geography, factors which influence the spread of viruses such as symptoms, forms of transmission and population density, ways to mitigate growth through access to vaccines and basic hygiene etc) while also relating it back to this week’s video lecture.

I have heard of the resource Khan Academy before but have never personally used it. After reading about your experience and briefly exploring the site, I can see how helpful these videos can be for reinforcing one’s understanding through the use of narration, visual graphics and other media. I was wondering if you think this type of resource could be incorporated into teaching a lesson in the classroom? Or if it would be better suited for use in a supplemental sense?

Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future! 🙂


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