Hi Timm,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on multimedia and interactive learning!

I found your thorough, yet succinct explanation of multimedia learning very helpful for strengthening my understanding of the topic. I agree with your assessment of Rich’s son’s engagement with the game Pandemic 2 as an interactive and multimedia learning experience – I appreciated how you outlined all three views of multimedia learning from the Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning (delivery, presentation & sensory) and described the way Pandemic 2 applied to each one.

I also noticed how you made several strong connections between the impactful nature of narrative explanations (storytelling) and interactive learning experiences with partaking in metacognition, a concept we explored in multiple classes last semester. The fact that you were able to tie in other prominent educational theories as well as those explored in this week’s readings into your response speaks to both your strong understanding of the material and ability to provide clear, knowledgeable and personalized explanations.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading about your learning experiences from playing Madden NFL Football and hunting. In particular, your description of playing the virtual sports game and its application to real life reminded me of the concept of gamification in education. I am wondering if you have ever read this article on interactive and game-based learning? It provides an overview on the approaches of designing such learning materials as well as links to several useful online resources such as EdTechReview, Edudemic and OER Commons.

Keep it up! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. 🙂


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