Below is an audio recording summarizing my reflections of the activity:


Here is an infographic I created to highlight the different strategies and tools suggested by Dr. Brown for fostering strong relationships and connections within an online classroom.

Connection to Course Outcomes

  • Develop an awareness of the potential of human-centered learning in online and open learning contexts – from this webinar, I deepened my understanding of the importance of relationship building and applying human-centered learning in open and distributed (online) contexts from the varying tools and structural design strategies explored by Dr Brown.
  • Critically reflect on and articulate concepts around modality, pedagogy, and access, including distributed and open learning theory, online and open learning history, privacy laws, online learning communities, open research, and open data – this activity allowed me to engage and experience different online tech strategies whilst considering how it may work for different pedagogies, types of learners and contexts, and align with privacy laws (e.g FIPPA).