In today’s class, Rich McCue from the Digital Scholarship Commons presented an introductory workshop on video editing, audio editing and screen capture. I got the opportunity to focus onĀ  video editing with iMovie. I was able to complete three exercises:

  1. The Basic activity: this included importing a video into iMovie, and trimming and splitting the clip, adding transitions and title cards, and adjusting the volume of the audio.
  2. Green Screen: I downloaded video files of green screen chickens, a background of tropical fish and an audio file of ocean waves and imported them into iMovie. I used the video-overlay function to place the chicken into the ocean scene, and then as above, practiced trimming and modifying the audio and added title and end cards to the video.
  3. Cropping & Slo-mo: Using the ‘split clip’ function, I isolated a short section of a video of a biker going through a jump and then made a copy of it by pressing command C +V. I slowed down the new clip using the ‘speed’ drop down menu and zoomed into the clip using the ‘crop to fill’ button to emphasis that section. I also added sound effect to my video by searching under the ‘audio’ tab and dropping it into the timeline.

I found this workshop to be very interesting. Many of the skills we learned today can be translated into classroom use. At first, I thought it was a little bit difficult to navigate the format of the iMovie application, but after completing the two exercises I feel more confident in using its tools (manipulating sound, adding transitions, trimming).