I have created a short audio file summarizing what I learned and experienced from the Twitter chat activity here:


A few tweets from the Twitter chat are embedded below. View the rest of the stream at #edci339 and archived here on Wakelet.

Connection to Course Learning Outcomes

  • Practice digital, networked, and open literacies in support of learning about distributed and open learning – participating in the Twitter chat, I was able to experience open learning in action whilst also growing my personal learning network.
  • Explore and engage with current literature on the distributed and open education movement – through the chat prompts and associated responses, I was able to discover additional literature regarding open and online learning through academic articles, blogs and websites.
  • Critically reflect on and articulate concepts around modality, pedagogy, and access, including distributed and open learning theory, online and open learning history, privacy laws, online learning communities, open research, and open data – this activity enabled me to further discuss strategies for structuring effective open and online learning spaces within K-12 contexts as well as discover how to increase access and flexibility for students through different information channels.
  • Examine and reflect upon the potential for equitable access for all learners in online and open learning contexts – by following and responding to chat prompts, I was able to engage in an open dialogue with my peers and the greater educational community regarding ways to incorporate UDL into my teaching practice.